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"I've been in love with the same boy for a thousand years. That's weird, especially since I'm only seventeen, and I can barely hold a guy's interest to the end of a five-minute conversation. Don't ask me how I've kept the same boyfriend for a millennium."



If a psychic told you about a past-life love, would you believe her? For seventeen-year-old Penny Fitzsimmons, the answer is easy. No way.


But then her nightmares begin. Strange voices interrupt her thoughts. Coincidences mount.


What if there were things that even the psychic didn't know? What if she told you about a thousand years of love, but left out a thousand years of betrayal and tragedy? What it were up to you to shape the future before history had a chance to repeat itself? What if your best friend's life depended on it?


Penny Fitzsimmons is about to find out.


Roaring Brook Press

June, 2005


The Italian cover of OVER AND OVER YOU...



published by Mondadori


Over and Over You


Over and Over You will be available as an ebook on July 7, 2015. It is available for preorder now.

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"It's irascible, authentic Penny who carries the day here, but it's the strange vibrations surrounding her that will draw readers in." Booklist

" intriguing book of mystery, romance, and the supernatural. All of the details of Penny's life are entwined together perfectly, and the use of historical facts from the past, truly connect Penny's past lives with her present one. Penny's story became more and more exhilarating, which makes it difficult to put the book down." Children's Literature


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