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I'm from Kincardine, Ontario, a small town on Lake Huron. I loved growing up there, and I felt it would make the perfect setting for a book.


In Over and Over You, Penny spends the summer in a beach town called Kincardine that is similar to my real hometown!



The Road to Publication...


In fourth grade I decided I wanted to write books that were funny and truthful, just like Judy Blume's.


I started out by writing short stories, usually about kids solving crimes or sleeping in haunted houses, and books that never seemed to get past Chapter Four. And I read all the time--'80s romance novels with pastel cover art, magazines, Stephen King, the dictionary, you name it.


But after high school, I married and had three kids. My childhood dream of being an author didn't seem very realistic or achievable anymore. So, I gave up on it...


...until one late night in 1998.


That night, I came across Judy Blume's website. Without giving it much thought, I sent her an email. I told her how much her books meant to me as a kid and that I'd always wanted to be a writer.


To my surprise, I got a reply from her, urging me to follow my dream!


That very day, I started writing. And I haven't stopped since. On October 16th, 2003, more than five years after I received a kind and helpful email from Judy Blume, I got "the call." The call I'd been waiting for since I was nine years old. My dream of being an author was going to come true!






I now live in London, Ontario with my family & two cats.


I am a Gemini.


I like to: Read, bake, cycle, camp, garden, watch movies, and find bargains at Costco.


I do not like: Bad drivers, boredom, crowds, heights, and turbulence on airplanes.



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